The Best Locksmiths in Birmingham in 2015

You will come across plenty of popular and renowned locksmiths in the city of Birmingham. But there are only a few that make it to the top ten rankings due to excellent customer service, testimonials, trust and satisfaction that they have fulfilled in the best possible manner.

The best locksmiths in birmingham are listed below:

1. Harbison Lock & Key

Established in 1979, Harbison Lock & Key is a family run business that has provided the best quality services for many years. They provide commercial and residential services that are catered according to the choice of the customers and clients.

Some of the Commercial Locksmith Services include:

Ø Master systems

Ø Storefront door hardware

Ø Electronic card access

Some of the Residential Locksmith Services include:

Ø Doorknobs and levers

Ø Lock repairs and service

Ø Residential keypads

2. Hoover Lock & Key, Inc.

Established in 1974, Hoover Lock & Key, Inc., is the preferred choice for many natives. They are a full-service locksmith shop that has expertise in providing residential and commercial locks and security products. Their business is recognized not only in Birmingham, but throughout the world, and the quality of their service is unmatched. The residential services that are available include dead bolt installation, window and patio locks and the lock repair and installation, respectively.

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